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TCP 2012 Proceedings


Edited by Yukio Otsu(大津由紀雄 編) ISBN 978-4-89476-642-6 Y9800E Hituzi Publishing Company(ひつじ書房) Amazon (Japan)

Learning Exceptions Charles Yang

Japanese-Speaking Children’s Interpretation of Measure Phrase Comparatives Tomoe Arii

Children’s Acquisition of English Datives: Competing Parametric Accounts Soyoung Eom and William Snyder

Modeling of Coreference Relations in Multi-Object Constructions Sandiway Fong and Jason Ginsburg

Sentence Processing of Nominative-Genitive Conversion in Japanese by Turkish Speaking Learners and Native Speakers Barış Kahraman

Japanese Children’s Interpretation of Disjunction in Comparative Sentences and Negative Sentences Emi Komine

To in Japanese as an NPI Scalar Focus Particle Masakazu Kuno, Takaomi Kato and Hiroki Narita

Wh-Movement and Inversion in Spanish: A Visual Analogue Scale Analysis Hideki Maki, Luisa Martí, and Satoru Yokoyama

Implicature Calculation in Young Children: The Role of the Question Under Discussion Luisa Meroni and Andrea Gualmini

On Episodic Free Choice Items in Japanese Shinobu Mizuguchi

Interpretation of Elided Bare Nouns in L2 Japanese Tomoko Monou

Transitive-intransitive pairs with inalienable possession relations in Japanese Mitsue Motomura

How Do Children Map Verbs onto Subcomponents of a Causative Event? Kyoko Sakamoto, Noburo Saji, Mutsumi Imai and Hiromu Sakai

QR in Child Japanese and the CNPC Hiroyuki Shimada

Are Mandarin-Speaking Children in Early Control? Cheng Yang and Xiaolu Yang

L2 Knowledge at the Syntax-Pragmatics Interface: Interpretations of Reflexives by Japanese, Korean, and Chinese ESL Learners Noriko Yoshimura, Mineharu Nakayama, Koichi Sawasaki, Atsushi Fujimori and Hiroya Shimizu





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